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I am an undergrad computer science major👩‍💻, currently pursuing my Freshman . I am very interested about Data Science and I am pursuing a course on the same.📅In the era of speed, I happen to be a massive Formula One fan and I love spending my weekends seeing cars racing around various circuits across the World. Apart from F1, Like most Indians, I'm a massive Cricket fan too (Don't tell me you aren't though ⚠️.)Apart from Tech and Sports, I cook (not very frequently though 🧑‍🍳) and work-out, I can cook enough to survive and I do explore whenever I get the energy and time to do it. I love exploring but unfortunately time and energy is not ubiquitous⌛
  1. My first programming language and fascination with computer science

    I explored how to play with BASIC. It was a part of our curriculum to explore a programming language which was for beginners, It was really the gateway to the current world I am in, It was a way too good starting point and It showed me how Programming languages can really help.

  2. Introduction to web-dev

    This was the start to my web-development journey. We had learnt HTML as a part of our academic course and it really helped us understand how modern day websites establish their skeletal structure. I had learnt CSS to style the skeletal websites I built.

  3. Catching the snake with Python

    After my initial fascination with computer science, I decided to pursue the subject as a part of my secondary schoooling and learnt Python. When we were learning Python, I realized its simplicity and used it in other sciences which I had to take as a part of my secondary schooling. Python when combined with Spyder really helped me harness the power of computers for scientific calculation.

  4. My first programming language and fascination

    Now after exploring Python for a bit, I realized it wasn't sufficient enough to build real-world applications and it wasn't a solution when it came to projects,features, ideas and solutions. I figured out about web-frameworks and learnt that Django was a good framework to learn. Since Django is very closely coupled with SQL, I learnt how one can use SQL based databases like PostgresSQL/MySQL

  5. Entry into the FrontEnd World.

    During the pandemic, I realized I was heavily lacking the design which every website had, my bare HTML CSS knowledge didn't serve me the requirements and I had learnt there are design frameworks like React which help us make front-end designs even more aesthetic. I had learnt how one can make a good website with React.

  6. Peak Pandemic Productivity

    With the Pandemic impacting my last year of schooling, I had sufficient time to explore app-devleopment and I had realized I can make API endpoints with Flask/FastAPI which in-turn can be integrated with my design using axios. I was roughly getting an idea of making a full-stack app. I learnt about microframeworks as a concept and was introducedto the concept of Asynchronous functions and callbacks.

  7. Deployments and Developments

    As time had progressed I realized I can build applications which I can access, the applications had their own funcitonalities but I had no clue as to how I will serve them to the entire world, I really didn't know how I can make it accessible to others. When I Interacted with a mentor about this issue, he gave me guidance about deployments and I deployed my first application with Heroku. As a side-mission, I learnt Rust for a hackathon.

  8. Deployment and Dockerization

    As a part of my exploration, I had come across docker as a tool to containerize all my services which can be shipped as a whole server. I realized I can divide my application into portions and I can spin them up into containers which will diversify stress to different nodes.

  9. Introduction to Open Source

    I had no exposure to Open sourcem till 2021 and it opened infinite opportunities for me, It gave me space to work on real-life projects where there were larger teams to collaborate with. It gave me projects which I can contribute and learn. I had learnt about proxies, static-file serving with NGINX as it was a part of the convention.

  10. My Contribution towards FOSS Projects

    I started to contribute in larger levels for certain projects and explored various options and newer projects to contirbute to.

  11. Community Internship with Data on Kubernetes Community

    I started as an Intern with the community to establsh the rap-god-api project(formerly how-to-dok project) and the cassey-cli.

  12. Started my first tech-programming-self help channel

    Launched my first tech youtube channel for programming, data science and self-help.

I've worked with various tools, frameworks and Languages that cover Back-end to Front-end and design.


An Open-source project which intends to promote democratic discussions. Worked on major part of its features.
Languages and tools:
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL

  • Team Unhackables

    Worked with a team of three on building a password-generator that generates and securely mails it to the users once registered.
    Languages and tools:
  • Django
  • Cryptography

  • DjangAPI Integration

    Integrated Django with FastAPI through ASGI combining the powers of ORM with Asynchronous Endpoints.
    Languages and tools:
  • Django
  • FastAPI

  • Car Data Analyzer

    A sample data fork which simulates environment of showing proccessed car-data from an On-Board-Diagnostics device.
    Languages and tools:
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL

  • How-to-DoK

    A place to develop, practice and gather knowledge about running data on kubernetes. Made with Express JS
    Languages and tools:
  • Express
  • Cassandra

  • Sahaay

    Sahaay is an app with grievances/ questions being posted . An open source application developed by IEEE ComSoc VIT Chennai student chapter.
    Languages and tools:
  • Docker
  • FastAPI